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Men’s Sport Shirts

Having the right t-shirt, polo or rash shirt to wear to training, the gym or in the surf, is essential, as it ensures you are able to workout to your best ability, every time. Products made using fabrics specifically designed to be lightweight, flexible and breathable means you can workout longer and train harder, all while staying comfortable. 

Making sure you choose the right activewear for the style of training you’ll be doing, as this is vital to guaranteeing you optimise your performance during your workout. In the same way that using the right equipment is important, ensuring you have the right clothing to train in is a contributing factor to your performance. If you enjoy different types of training, having a workout wardrobe that’s suitable for your different sports and activities will guarantee your gym bag will always have the appropriate gear you need to train well in complete comfort and style.

When injured quality activewear can help with your recovery. Compression shirts are great to wear post-workout, as they can help your muscles repair faster. This means the following day you’ll be able to train just as hard as the day before, as well as minimise your risk of injury.

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