About Compression Wear

Men’s Compression Wear

Compression sportswear is the ideal clothing to wear to shorten recovery time, ease sore and stiff muscles, as well as prevent rashes and chafing while training. While compression sportswear was originally only worn by professional athletes, today many people choose compression leggings and tops to wear during training and while competing to enhance their performance. Luckily brands that are leading the way for quality compression wear and that sponsor professional athletes are available at Westfield!

Many athletes and individuals who enjoy fitness and training talk about the benefits associated with wearing compression sportswear. Some of the benefits include a shorter time for muscles to repair, a significant reduction in muscle stiffness and soreness, and when the right style of compression sportswear is used it has even been said to help promote the flow of oxygen to working muscles. All of this and more has led to compression sportswear becoming the go to active wear for those who want to take their training and their fitness to the next level.

Find a range of different styles and pieces, and choose according to what will best suit your purpose. Westfield’s stores stock shorts, legging, tops and socks, so you’ll be covered no matter what you need.

Westfield have your compression activewear needs sorted

At Westfield we have a range of retailers offering premium compression sportswear that is reliable, comfortable and flexible. By visiting your nearest centre you can try on and experiment with different compression wear styles available, until you find the perfect exercise or competition gear for you. If you’re unable to visit your nearest Westfield centre you can browse our range of compression sportswear available online and purchase via our affiliate stores. Shop for your compression gear simply and affordably with Westfield.