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You should never skimp on quality when it comes to selecting a winter coat. Ensure your coat will keep you toasty through all the bitter depths of winter by shopping with a brand you can trust.

How can you tell if a coat is good quality? If you’re buying online this can be quite hard to gauge sometimes, which is why shopping with a trusted fashion curator like Westfield can save you trouble.

This cold season you can count on classic styles to continue in their popularity. Peacoats and double breasted overcoats give you warmth and debonair flair.  Another popular way to keep cosy is a trench coat, with long elegant length and pockets to bury your hands in. Both these awesome long coat options can come with a hood, and these hoodie variations give you a slightly more modern look with some extra warmth.

Find the perfect winter coat at Westfield

Westfield has selected all of the finest overcoats and trench coats on offer this season, from a range of international and local designers. Use the online catalogue to browse, and filter by your favourite cut of coat, colour or brand. Once you find your favourite, buy online or plan a day trip to make sure it’s the perfect fit. While you are there, you can experience all the premium entertainment and dining options Westfield has to offer.