About Casual Jackets

Men’s Casual Coats

In today’s fashion world, what constitutes a casual coat? For some, a leather or denim jacket is getting dressed up, while for others a blazer is considered a laid-back look. There are varying degrees of casual, but to hit the right mark in men’s fashion you need to consider factors ranging from occasion to age appropriateness.

Luckily, Westfield has all your options covered when it comes to finding the perfect casual coat to keep you warm this winter. You may want a casual fleece top to wear to and from the gym. If a sports coat or hoodie is what you’re after, consider sweat-wicking fabric and something easily machine washable for convenience.

Because you’ll get so much wear out of a casual jacket, pick one that can withstand the elements. That way, you can handle anything that life throws at you. Gore-tex or rainproof fabrics will shield you from water, wind and snow, as well as look sleek and keep you warm.

Some people’s casual fashion is just a tiny step away from formal, so a blazer will be your perfect go-to casual jacket. Others may prefer bomber jackets, which blend a little of the structured elements of a blazer, while keeping a more relaxed profile.

A casual men’s coat for every occasion

Westfield’s online catalogue is sure to deliver what you’re after when it comes to finding a cool casual coat. Have a look at our massive selection, and easily filter your search according to your favourite store, style or colour. Once you find the perfect piece that catches your eye, it’s easy to buy online. Or, plan a shopping day at your closest Westfield to make sure you get a great fit, and try out all the great dining and entertainment options on offer while you’re there.