About Blazers

Men’s Blazers

A well-fitting blazer jacket is the mark of a gentleman who is well established in the fashion game.

Work appropriate blazers give you the confidence you need to get the job done right. Make sure your blazer fits well across the shoulders, with plenty of room for your arms and enough space to button comfortably - you want this wardrobe staple to fit perfectly.

For an afterwork blazer shows you are a man of class, the double lapel buttons of a DB jacket will give you a touch of debonair.

While many men opt for blazers in block shades of black or navy, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Pick a blazer in an eye-catching less orthodox shade, or choose a patterned blazer in gingham, checks, or with a contrasting lapel fabric.

Shop casual and work-appropriate blazers alike

When you shop with Westfield, you’re assured of the highest quality men’s fashion items. You can pick the perfect blazer for you from a selection that’s finely curated to offer the best of local and international designers. Filter by your favourite store or style, then buy straight away online, or plan a trip to your nearest Westfield to try it on. Be sure to check out the premium dining and entertainment options available while you’re there!