About Sunglasses

Men’s Sunglasses

Stand-out eyewear is an essential for every modern man. But what pair should you buy? Choose frames that fit your face and complement your bone structure - this applies whether you choose from the classic sunglass range, or something more modern and a little out-there.

If you aren’t sure what kind of sunglasses to invest in, aviators have been a safe fashion bet for nearly 100 years. Aviators and Wayfarers look great on lots of people, and come in all different sizes to suit the size of your head. You can pair these classic styles of sunglasses with casual apparel and a suit alike - you’ll be stylish either way.

If you want to stand out a little more, sunglasses with bright reflective lenses are all the rage. These look awesome paired with your favourite jeans and t-shirt, and are perfect for festivals, day trips and adventuring. The reflective lenses also give you the opportunity for some cool social media reflective snaps as well!

Where to find men’s sunglasses

Westfield’s huge online catalogue makes choosing the right pair of sunglasses easy. Buying eyewear can be overwhelming, as there are often hundreds if not thousands of pairs to choose from. Westfield’s online catalogue lets you narrow it down by designer and style, as well as save time by planning a shopping trip to try on the frames that catch your eye.

Plus, while you’re in the shopping centre buying sunglasses, you’ll be free to experience all the dining and entertainment options available. However if you need your purchase quickly, buy your items online with just a few clicks of a button and have your sunglasses delivered to your door.