About Gloves

Men’s Gloves

Gloves are a fashion godsend. When you’re freezing cold in the winter time, a simple pair of gloves can take away all that finger-numbing cold that chills you to the bone. Choose a classic pair of woollen gloves, or go for a cotton blend if you’d like a pair a little more form fitting and a little more breathable.

For gloves you can wear with a suit or tuxedo, perhaps consider a pair of leather or suede gloves. Fitted gloves made from these materials allow you to get a more elegant silhouette, and are great at blocking out winter chills.

Sports gloves can help you keep your motivation to stay active, and get out there in the cold. Running gloves, bike gloves and rock climbing gloves all help you maintain your athletic performance, and will keep your hands warm through winter. And of course, durable, quality ski gloves are a must for anyone hitting the slopes this winter.

Men’s gloves - Westfield has them all

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