About Kids' Toys

Top Toys for Kids Who Love to Play

Playing with toys is all part of being a kid and growing up. There’s a tremendous range of toys available to kids today to fuel their imagination and help with their learning and development. Wooden toys have been a favourite for years because they’re easy to play with and have a wonderful tactile feel. Dolls houses are another very popular toy, with choices now available for girls and boys. Animals and soft toys are loved by kids of all ages, from babies to children, both for playing with and snuggling up to at night; most kids have a favourite soft toy which they absolutely adore. Action figures are great for imaginative play. Children can collect figures and play with them all together, inventing different scenarios and games. Indulging in make-believe is a wonderful part of childhood and parents who buy toys for their kids are helping to prepare them for adult life. Many of the games kids play with are versions of the situations they’ll encounter when they’re older. This means that spending on kids’ toys is money well spent!

Finding Your Child's Favourite Action Figures with Westfield

Browse our online range of action figures and other toys, with everything readily available to you with just a few simple clicks. If your child prefers to pick out their toys in person, then head on down to your nearest Westfield centre and head into stores like Mr Toys Toyworld, Toys R Us, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Kidstuff and many more, for all the top toys your little one will love.