About Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys for Babies and Children

Wooden toys are built to last as well as being eco-friendly. Many parents choose wooden baby toys because these are safer than plastic toys and don’t generally have lots of small parts that can be a risk to tiny tots. Although they’ve been around for years, modern wooden toys are fresh and trendy in appearance, for a retro style that your child will love. Wooden toys for babies and kids teach youngsters different skills, they can improve their motor skills, use of imagination, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. Wooden toys often use different shapes and colours and involve kids in fitting things together, such as wooden tracks, cubes and letters. Kids can play with wooden toys on their own or with friends and have a fun-filled play session. Playing with their parents is a good opportunity for quality time together. Many parents will recognise the similarities between modern wooden toys they buy for their kids and the toys they played with when they were young! As well as wooden toys, you can find many other play items for your child at Westfield. Check out our range of remote controlled cars, action figures, vehicles and trains, dolls and soft toys.

Searching for the Best Wooden Kid's Toys

Westfield helps you to search for the best wooden toys for babies and kids from the top toy stores. You can browse these online and make your purchase or use your online session as research to shop in a Westfield centre near your home.