About Toy Trains & Cars

Toy Cars and Trains for Engaging Fun

Playing with toys is more than just a way for kids to pass the time, it's essential for their learning and development. Toy trains have been around for many decades and are still just as popular with kids today. Toy cars are also a favourite and with electric toy cars, wooden cars and radio controlled cars are all available at Westfield retailers. Playing with toy cars and toy trains helps kids to learn how things work, they often come with other accessories, such as tracks and roadways which can be great fun to put together. Kids can collect different toy trains and make a railway set around the whole house! Dumper trucks and diggers, boats, lorries and fire trucks can all be found, to create whole convoys of vehicles for your little one to play with. Children can race their toy cars with their friends and bring them to life with individual personalities and stories. Buy your child some action figures, dolls, wooden toys and models and figurines to incorporate into their games. Kids can play with these toys on their own or with others and derive many positive benefits while having great fun.

Finding the Ideal Toy Trains and Cars Online

Browse Westfield’s exclusive range of toy trains and cars online for a simple purchase, or look up your nearest Westfield store and head on down to shop in person.