About Soft Plush Toys

Soft Toys for Kids to Cuddle

A child's first toy is usually a soft animal or a teddy bear, which will stay with them for many years to come.  Plush toys are very cute and cuddly, they have a lot of potential for kids who can find imaginative ways to play with them. Everyone gets very attached to their soft toys, giving them names and personalities. With contrasting textures such as hair, whiskers and eyes make them fascinating for babies to explore. Some soft toys squeak or even say a few words! Modern soft toys can be machine washed, which is a huge benefit, as kids are bound to take them everywhere they go. Kid's soft toys are durable and safe for young babies, toddlers and older kids. When kids play with their soft toys they learn many important life skills such as communication, interaction and even empathy. Kids can express their emotions through their soft toys, they can cuddle them, throw them, hit them, kiss them and talk to them. They can also practice parenting skills on their soft toys, which is excellent preparation for later life. Fill out your child's toy box with other toys from Westfield. Action figures, dolls, train sets and remote control toys are all available from the best toy retailers.

Finding the Cuddliest Soft Toys

Shop great kid's toy stores either browse online with everything available right at your fingertips, or head to your nearest Westfield centre to pick out the perfect cuddly toy in person.