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Zoom Around with Remote Control Cars

Remote control cars are fun for everyone, your child will love zipping around the home and garden with these cool vehicles. When playing with their remote controlled cars, kids can add racetracks, obstacles and jumps to practice their skills and test their toys. Remote controlled toys are ready to use once taken out of the box, all you need is batteries and you’re ready to go! Although cars are usually the most popular remote controlled toys, you can also buy helicopters, aeroplanes, animals and dinosaurs. You can purchase remote controlled toys especially for younger children which are simple and safe to play with. Playing with remote controlled cars is an excellent opportunity for kids to interact with their peers as well as their parents for lots of family fun. They also serve a purpose in teaching kids essential skills, remote controlled cars are great for developing hand-eye coordination and concentration. Build up your child's toybox with other toys from Westfield. We have a range of action figures, vehicles and trains, figurines and dolls for them to play with. Grab some educational toys to help your child learn as they play!

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When you’re pressed for time or want the convenience of shopping from home browse Westfield’s exciting range of remote control cars. If you prefer to check out your toys in person, head down to your nearest Westfield centre for a fun day of shopping.