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Musical Toys for Budding Musicians

Music has a strong effect on babies, toddlers and kids, influencing their development and enhancing their senses. Newborn babies develop better cognitive skills when they can link things to sounds and music. As babies develop into toddlers and beyond, music has an even stronger influence. Music builds a child’s natural curiosity, enhances their confidence and self-esteem and improves their motor skills. Playing with musical toys and kid's musical instruments helps to develop memory and comprehension. This is as important as playing with educational and learning toys. As well as being a great source of entertainment, music plays a big part in raising kids, it can be a social activity with friends, siblings and parents taking part. Children can form a band with guitars and tambourines, with their friends joining in to. Musical toys are very well designed, acting as a starter for when your child wants to start learning for real. A great way to develop a love for music is to surround a kid of any age with musical instruments for kids. Fill out your child's playroom with other toys available at Westfield. Action toys, dolls and vehicles can all be found online and in your local centre.

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You can buy all your musical toys from Westfield’s excellent retailers. Using Westfield’s great online site helps you to buy the toys you want quickly and easily. If you would prefer to hear your musical toy head to your nearest Westfield centre and start shopping for your toys at our friendly retailers. You can enjoy a quality shopping experience at Westfield, whether you choose to shop online or in person.