About Figurines & Model Kits

Figurines and Model Kits to Build and Collect

Model kits and figurines have been favourites amongst kids for a long time and are a continuing source of delight for both girls and boys. Fantasy figurines and animal figurines are suitable for kids of different ages, with different sizes and styles available to suit your child's needs. They can also make great ornaments in your little one's bedroom. Your child can start a collection or create worlds and games with their models, encouraging them to use their imagination. Sometimes youngsters will introduce other toys into the games they play with their figurines, such as action figures, dolls and soft toys. Kids can also dress up in costumes to be part of the world their figurines live in. Kids derive educational benefits from playing with figurines, imaginative play teaches kids so many different skills to prepare them for the later life. You can buy animal figurines such as tigers, ponies, pigs, swans and dinosaurs, dolls and cute figurines, as well as popular superhero and characters from TV shows. Model kits are also very popular and allow kids to build their own models and figures, enhancing the learning process. Motorbikes, aeroplanes and tanks are some of the things kids can build with model kits. If they need help, parents can get involved for an opportunity to share some quality time with their kids.

Finding the Best Figurines and Model Kits

You can buy figurines and model kits from Westfield’s retailers online, or if you prefer to shop in person, you can search for your nearest Westfield centre and pop in to browse with your child.