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All kids love to play and playtime is a well-recognised part of growing up as well as the education and learning process. Playtime is important for a happy, healthy and social child. While all toys can benefit kid's learning and development in a way, some are specifically aimed at their education and have particular learning benefits. These give kids a more structured play session, increasing the depth and breadth of learning. Playing with educational and learning toys is enhanced when kids play cooperatively with their peers, siblings or parents. Kid's educational and learning toys encourage learning in specific areas such as maths, literacy, music and science, amongst other subjects. A lot of thought has gone into the development of educational toys, to make them the best choice for your youngster. Make your child love learning with flashing lights, bright colours, songs and musical tunes. While you're shopping for educational toys, why not check out our other play items also? At Westfield, you'll find lots of cars and trains, wooden toys, musical toys and action figures that your child will adore. Whether you're in the market for an educational toy, or something simply for playtime, you'll find everything you need at Westfield.

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