About Dolls, Doll Houses & Accessories

Gorgeous Dolls for Playtime Fun

Playing with dolls is an activity enjoyed by all children. Dolls stimulate creativity and imagination, allowing your children to create their own storylines and games in their head. You can choose from realistic dolls for little girls, dolls which are based off your child's favourite cartoons and movie characters or intricately designed replicas. Disney Princesses have long been a favourite type of doll loved by little children. Choose a doll with different outfits so your kid can play dress up. Inviting friends around to join in the fun adds to the social benefits kids get from playing with dolls. Incorporate action figures, animals and soft toys into a doll play session and invent a whole world of imaginary fun. For smaller dolls, purchase a dolls house to give them a home and add even more depth to your child's games. Finish off your little one's playtime games with a fancy dress outfit so they can look the part.

Find the Best Dolls and Accessories with Westfield

Head on down to a Westfield store near you to help your child pick out their special doll, with a range of toy stores all available under one roof, you're sure to find the perfect companion. If you don't have the time to shop in person, why not browse online? Everything's readily available, right at your fingertips.