About Bath Time Toys

Baby Bath Products for Fun Bath Times

Baby bath toys are great when it comes to encouraging kids and babies to play and learn in the bath. Toys enhance the enjoyment of bath time for babies as well as for parents. When it’s time for bed, a bath with toys helps babies to get warm and relaxed and use up any excess energy playing in the bath. This means an easier transition to bed and all that remains for parents to do is to lull their child to sleep, perhaps with the help of with musical toys. The different kinds of bath time toys include boats, turtles, ducks and toys that squirt water, as well as bath books and letters that stick to the walls. All these help kids and babies to become more confident in the water and learn as they go. They can explore colours, sizes and functions of different toys and improve their motor skills. Baby bath products help parents to care for young and tender skin, with hair and body washes that are specially formulated for babies. Moisturising lotions keep a baby’s skin hydrated and soft, just as it should be! As well as bath toys, why not check out our range of dry toys for your child? At Westfield, we have many dolls and action figures for children of all ages and interests.

Shopping for Baby Bath Toys with Westfield

At Westfield, you can buy baby bath toys and bath products either shop for your products online for optimum speed and convenience or do your shopping in a Westfield centre and enjoy a great day out.