About Arts & Craft Supplies

Art Supplies for Crafty Kids

Art and crafts for kids can be both fun and educational, with children being able to start these hobbies from an early age. When you buy kid's art supplies you’re unlocking a new way for kids to see their environment and express what they see. Drawing and painting can help kids to learn and improve their communication skills in a different way to using speech and language; expressing feelings and emotions through art is a good opportunity for kids to grow up in the world. Kid's craft supplies help children to create drawings, paintings and collages that will ultimately improve their life skills through creativity. The creativity kids enjoy through art and craft is as important as imaginative play through other means. Westfield’s craft supplies include pens, pencils and crayons for drawing, as well as stickers to embellish designs. You can also buy paint, glue and paper to help make up the raw materials kids need for art and craft. Clay, playdoh and plasticine also form part of the wide range of kid’s craft supplies you can buy. These will give your kids hours of fun and entertainment. As well as art and craft items, you can find many different toys for children at Westfield. Pick up your little one's favourite action figure, or doll and buy them a doll house or fancy dress outfit for their imaginative play.

Buying a Range of Craft Supplies

Create a little Picasso by buying your child a range of art and craft supplies from Westfield. Head on down to your nearest centre to shop in person, or browse through our online catalogue.