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Kid's Action Figures for Imaginative Play

Kids learn through play and they like to take part in play activities that hold their interest. Due to the rise in popularity of superheroes, kids are drawn to playing with action figures they’ve seen on TV and in films. When kids play with action figurines, parents have the opportunity to engage in play with their youngsters, this helps to cement family relationships and strengthen bonds between parents and kids. Action figure play encourages kids to use their imagination, imaginary and creative play should be encouraged as often as possible as it’s a real learning opportunity for kids. Action figures can’t speak for themselves so kids do it for them, this helps with linguistic skills and building vocabulary as well as learning to interact in a particular role. These life skills are also lots of fun for kids while they’re playing. Kid's action figures come in all kinds of colourful shapes and sizes, with characters that appeal to everyone. Pick out a set to get your child started with their games or buy individual characters as their interest grows.  Add to your child's toy collection with all the toys available at Westfield. Choose from toy cars and trains, dolls houses and remote controlled toys. You can also pick out a cut fancy dress outfit so your little one can pretend they’re part of the imaginary world of their favourite cartoon characters.

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