About Outdoor Toys

Outdoor Toys for Active Kids

Outdoor fun is very much part of growing up and is just as important for kids development as playing indoors with toys and board games. Boys and girls love being outside with their friends in all seasons, come rain or shine, getting messy in the dirt and running around at the beach. Pick out a paddling pool for the summer, or buy some pool toys to make your swimming pool even more fun for the little ones. Rubber rings, floating toys, body boards and buckets and spades all make for great fun in the water. Another fun way for kids to play and burn off energy is by bouncing on a trampoline. They can bounce around with their friends and learn all sorts of cool tricks. You can buy safety nets too, so there's no need to worry about your little one jumping off and hurting themselves. Buy a playhouse for your child to create fantastic make believe games in or put a swing in your garden to bring the playground home. No matter what outdoor activities or toys you're after, we have what you're looking for at Westfield.

Shopping Online for the Outdoor Toys

If you’re looking for outdoor toys for kids, including trampolines and pool toys, Westfield has a fantastic array of different products. Look online for your child's outdoor play items or head down to your nearest Westfield centre to look at everything in person.