About Kids Tents & Ball Pits

Kid's Play Tents and Ball Pits for Endless Fun

When you’re a kid, playing in a tent is very exciting, especially when you get to camp out in it overnight! Buy a tent for your child in their favourite design with characters and patterns that they'll love. Outdoor activities provide a healthy balance to indoor play with toys and board games. Play tents allow kids to set up their own den in the safety of the back garden. They can invite their friends around, play games in their tent and have parties. Kid's tents are easy to put up and come with full instructions, they’re fully compliant with the latest safety requirements. Ball pits are another excellent way for kids to romp about outdoors. These multi-sensory toys help kids to develop their tactile skills and encourage kids to be active and imaginative. Kids can play with friends in their ball pit, encouraging interaction with their peers. For even more fun, have a look at the range of swing sets that Westfield has to offer, or pick out a trampoline for some bouncing activity. A whole range of outdoor activities awaits you when you shop with Westfield.

Finding Play Tents and Ball Pits Online

Shop for your kid's tents and ball pits with Westfield. Some of the best retailers of children’s toys stock these items and you can browse them online. Browse online to have everything available at your fingertips, or head down to your local Westfield centre to pick out a ball pit in person.