About Kids Sandbox

Digging Into Fun with Sandboxes

A kid's sandbox is a creative and fun way to entertain your kids in the back garden. When kids are sifting and scooping sand, moulding it into different shapes and playing with their toys, they’re learning all kinds of skills. A sandbox helps kids to develop practical skills, coordination and encourages imaginative play. Invite your little one's friends round for a play date in the sandbox to build social interactions. Kid's sandboxes can be all kinds of exciting designs and shapes, you can choose from round designs, square or in the shape of their favourite animal. They’re very easy to set up – all you need is some play sand and a variety of toys. You can buy toys specially designed for sandboxes or kids can use any of their wide array of toys for hours of exhilarating play. Kit out your garden with other fun items, such as trampolines and swings. Pick up some pool toys too, to make even the hottest of days full of fun. Everything you could ever need to make your garden a super fun place for your child is available at Westfield.

Buying the Perfect Sandpit for Your Child

Why not buy a sandpit for your child online? You can browse through all the stores we have on offer. If you'd rather your child checked out their sandbox before you buy, then head on down to your nearest Westfield centre so you can make an informed decision in person.