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Outdoor Sports for Healthy and Happy Kids

All kids love spending time outdoors and kid's outdoor sports are a great way to build their fitness and keep them healthy. Playing outdoor sports such as football, cricket, netball and tennis gives kids the opportunity to take part in structured activities, keep fit and make friends. This is great for their learning and development, as they’ll improve their social and coordination skills. Westfield’s individual sports retailers stock kid's sports equipment for bat and ball games, such as cricket, tennis, table tennis amongst many others. If your kids are into football and rugby, you can choose from a fabulous array of football and rugby boots and shirts and buy them footballs and rugby balls to help them practice and play. Other sports equipment available includes dartboards, netball nets, badminton nets and boxing gloves. Encourage fitness and activity by providing your child with all the outdoor sports equipment that they need to get good at the sport they love. Other outdoor activities like trampolining, playing on the swings and in sandpits are also great fun for growing kids. No matter what sport your child chooses to play, you'll be able to kit them out with everything they need when you shop at Westfield.

Shop Online for Kid's Outdoor Sports Equipment and Accessories

When shopping with Westfield you can buy online or in a Westfield centre. Both methods of shopping allow you to buy the best kids sports brands from the best stores. Shop online for convenience or head down to a Westfield centre near you to check out the items in person.