About Underwear

Boy's Underwear is a Wardrobe Essential

Boys grow up at a surprisingly fast rate so don't let his underwear collection lag behind! At Westfield, you can buy a colourful range of boy's briefs, boxers, socks and vests, all of which are ideal to wear under his trendy clothing. With patterned to plain designs and a wide choice of colours, he'll love to wear his new boy's undies. They’re often sold in multipacks for great value since you’re likely to be replacing these essentials quite often as he grows. Boy's underwear is made from cotton or a cotton blend and this is exceptionally comfortable, ensuring a good fit, cotton keeps its shape well and is easy to care for. You’ll need to have a good supply of boy's undies in his wardrobe as boys with an active lifestyle often go through several changes of trousers, tops, pants, socks and vests every day! No matter what you need to dress your little troublemaker, at Westfield we have it all.

Shopping Online for the Best Boy's Underwear

Make the most of Westfield’s convenient online shopping opportunity to buy boy's underwear from a variety of retailers. You can get the best quality at great prices when you shop online, saving time and energy. Head down to a Westfield centre near you to have your little boy pick out his own underwear and try it on if need be.