About Kids' School Bags

Fashionable School Bags to Carry Everything Kids Need

Since a school bag will accompany your child to school every day, it’s a very important item. School bags take a lot of stick, they get stuffed full to the brim, crammed into lockers and dumped on the sports field, so they need to be hardwearing, functional and full of style! Westfield’s school bag collection ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality and fashion, providing kids with long-lasting service, day in day out. Kids love trendy school bags so they can keep up with their peers but they also like something a little different. This is important to ensure the bag doesn’t get mistaken for someone else’s school bag! Vibrant stripes, checks and spots as well as different patterns, motifs and prints allow every bag to be unique. You can even choose a bag with your child's favourite cartoon characters displayed on it. School bags for girls and boys have many different compartments and outer and inner pockets for books, folders, pens, valuables and accessories for boys and girls.

Buy the Perfect School Bag at Westfield

Westfield has the best brands where big fashion meets affordable prices! Buy the ideal bag for your child online, with the convenience and simplicity of online shopping, saving you time and keeping you away from busy traffic! If you feel you’d benefit from shopping in person, search for your local Westfield centre and head on down with your children to pick out their perfect school bags.