About School Bags & Backpacks

School Bags Help Kids to Work, Rest and Play

Kid's bags are an essential item in any growing child's life, for school and weekends. Westfield’s kid's bags are functional and fashionable. They come in different styles with pockets and compartments to store pens and notebooks, laptops and tablets and mobile phones. Westfield has a whole range of school bags in colours and styles that your kids will love, from plain to brightly patterned to style with their favourite comic characters. Backpacks make the ideal bags for your child, they can keep their hands free to carry other items. Perfect for carrying around their sports equipment, picnic snacks or essential items like suncream and a towel for a day out at the beach. A backpack is also better for your child's posture, for evenly distributing the weight across their shoulders. Backpacks can be comfortable and the adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit. A quality school bag or backpack should last several years or more, helping kids to work, rest and play throughout the school day.

Buying the Best School Bag

Choose from the most fashionable brands on the market, all available from Westfield. As an alternative to shopping online, visiting a Westfield centre near to you provides a superb shopping experience. You can feel the products close up before you buy and take advantage of Westfield’s deluxe retail environment. You don’t have to stop at shopping either, as you can sample different cuisines served up in style at the centres many restaurants and cafes. You’ll leave with a smile on your face after a great day’s shopping.