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About Baby & Toddler Shoes

Baby and Toddler Shoes for Sweet Little Feet

Before your baby starts to walk, booties and baby shoes with soft soles provide perfect comfort and warmth. Once your toddler takes their first steps, it's time for a pair of toddler shoes. You can buy baby and toddler shoes in a whole range of styles, to match all of your little one's outfits. Trainers, slippers, boots and little slip on shoes are all available, to make your baby look as cute as can be. While baby shoes are like slippers, a toddler’s shoes have a non-slip, flexible sole to help support them as they start to take their first steps. Toddler shoes allow your child to play outdoors and wear their shoes all day long right up to bath and bedtime. Since your toddler’s feet will grow quickly, Westfield has a wide range of shoes for you to choose from with brands to suit your budget. Toddler shoes can have laces, buckles or velcro fastening, so you can choose the style that suits you and your child best. While your shopping for baby shoes, kit your little one out with some cute tops and trousers to fill their wardrobe.

How to Buy the Best Baby and Toddler Shoes

Shopping online with Westfield allows you to choose from famous, quality retailers. You can buy any of these online for swift delivery straight to your doorstep. You can also shop in person for your baby and toddler shoes. All you have to do is jump into your car and visit a Westfield centre nearby.