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Baby Prams to Get You Out and About

At Westfield, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to buying baby prams! You’ll need to consider your baby’s needs, your lifestyle and your budget when you’re buying a pram. For when your baby is very young, you can buy prams with a lie-back seat to help them sleep while you're on the move. You can also get prams with a removable baby carrier, to minimise the number of items you need to take out with you. Buy a baby car seat to keep your little one safe as you travel, with options available that allow you to slot it onto the pram frame and head out and about straight away. This means you’ll be able to transfer your baby from the pram to the car without waking them up. If you like to keep an eye on your baby when they're in their pram, then you can choose a pram that faces you. Keeping your baby comfortable is critical, you can choose a pram with adjustable positions, well-cushioned seating and a shield against the wind and rain. Many modern baby prams and baby strollers are designed to suit your baby as they grow. If you travel more by car than on foot, a compact, lightweight, folding pram may be best. If you do a lot of walking, consider a pram that’s easy to push and is manoeuvrable. Choosing the perfect pushchair for you and your baby is as important as buying the right clothing, shoes and home accessories, at Westfield we have choices available no matter what you need.

Ordering the Perfect Pram Online

Choose from a variety of brands and retailers when you shop online for the perfect pram. Check out your nearest Westfield centre to browse and shop for strollers and prams in person.