About Baby Nursery Accessories

Baby Nursery Accessories for Your Little One

Bring your baby’s nursery to life with a range of nursery accessories ideal for looking after your newborn at home. Nursery accessories make caring for your baby so much more comfortable and easy with well-made baby accessories helping your child to sleep peacefully. You can give your baby a bath, then tuck them into bed with pillows, cushions and blankets to keep them snug as a bug in a rug. Westfield has so many options, so you can choose from many different delightful colours and designs to add a bright touch to your nursery. You’ll need a pram and crib for the early months and you can buy these along with a special baby or toddler mattress at Westfield. Baby and toddler bed accessories are both functional and attractive with animal themes and soft colours to match the décor in your nursery. You can also match the colours in your nursery with your baby and toddler clothing. Night-lights are ideal for little ones who don’t like the dark or wake during the night and baby monitors give you the added reassurance of being able to hear your baby when you’re elsewhere in the house. Changing tables and changing pads make it easier to change your baby in a clean and well-equipped environment.

Shopping for the Perfect Nursery Accessories

Discover Westfield’s wide range of baby nursery accessories from the best brands that all parents love. Shop online, or head down to your nearest Westfield centre to browse everything in person.