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Bath Toys and Bath Products for Squeaky Clean Babies

Bathing your baby is something you’ll spend a lot of time doing during the early months and years of their life, until they're old enough to clean themselves. When they’ve been playing around in the garden with their toys, crawling around indoors, or making a mess during meal time, they'll need a bath to get them clean again. A bath before settling them down in their cot is the ideal preparation for sleepy time. You can make bath time fun for your little one with a range of baby bath toys for entertainment and learning. Choose a special baby tub, to help you bath your baby when they're little. Floating animals, fishing toys, toys that squirt as well as animal print flannels and towels add extra fun to bath time and put a much-loved smile on your little one's face! You can buy baby bath products especially suited for your child's age and skin type, as well as specialised items if they suffer from sensitive skin or other conditions. Special baby moisturisers keep their skin soft and smooth, just as babies’ skin should be.

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