About Logic & Puzzle Games

Entertaining Puzzle Games for Kids

Puzzles are great for a child’s mind and thought processes. Puzzles allow children to manipulate and change shapes, numbers, words and objects. Children also learn to recognise shapes and use their memory, as they need to recall the various pieces when completing a puzzle. Today’s puzzles are colourful and tactile, using animals and cartoon characters as part of the puzzle. Choose from simple floor puzzles with large pieces for little hands, or intricate 100-piece jigsaws for more advanced puzzlers. As children play with puzzle pieces they’re learning how to use their hands and eyes, improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Logic puzzles can help to teach children about problem-solving. When a child looks at puzzle pieces and has to work out how they fit, they're learning how to persevere until the puzzle is solved. After all, you can’t solve a puzzle by cheating or skipping steps! Kids can have fun with puzzles on their own or with others. They can complete the same puzzle time and time again or display it on the wall when they're finished. While you're shopping for puzzles, why not check out the other fun games that Westfield has to offer? There are classic and modern board games, packs of cards, magic kits and brain teasers all available for you.

Finding the Trickiest Kid's Puzzles

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