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Kid's Magic Games for Budding Entertainers

Imaginative play is one of the best parts of childhood, it helps with learning and development and also teaches children essential life skills. Magic games have a special attraction because kids get a chance to astound and show off their skills in front of their family and peers. Magic puzzles add an extra dimension to magic for kids, you child can test out their problem-solving skills with magic puzzles, learning as well as enjoying themselves. All magic games are designed with kids in mind, they’re colourful and easy to handle and use with simple instructions so your child can easily master the hardest of illusions. Westfield has a great range of magic games, including magic card tricks, magic hats and magic sets. Magic sets are great starter sets for kids of different ages who want to learn magic. As well as magic kits, kids love to play with all kinds of toys and games, all of which are available at Westfield. Purchase board games, puzzles, card games and brain teasers to keep your little one entertained on rainy days. Whether you're little one is looking to become the next big magician, or you want to fill up your cupboards with rainy day games, you can find everything with ease when you shop with Westfield.

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Westfield has magic games from the top children’s toy retailers. You can browse through the various magic sets online or head down to your nearest Westfield centre to chat to the experts about which magic kit is the best for your child.