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Card Games for Family Fun

Kids have enjoyed card games for centuries, with them helping children to develop their fine motor skills, building dexterity, agility and hand-eye coordination. Card games can be played alone or with teams. This gives kids the chance to interact with their siblings, peers and parents, whilst enjoying the friendly competition that card playing brings. Some card games incorporate themes such as cartoons and fantasy, which kids just love. Card games can also bring many learning opportunities, teaching kids about colours, numbers, counting and problem solving. Card games encourage kids to use their memory, recognising and applying numbers and patterns. Kids need to think strategically and be tactical to find new ways to win. Card games can be chosen by age, with those for older kids using more complex strategies, this means that all kids can enjoy card games and are challenged to improve and learn as they go. The beauty of card games for kids is that you can pack them away and transport them easily wherever you go. They're perfect for keeping everyone entertained on long car journeys, trips to the beach and family holidays. While you're shopping for card games, why not check out our range of board games too? At Westfield we have many brain teasers, magic kits and puzzles to keep your whole family entertained on rainy days.

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