About Duplo Sets

Duplo for Creative Minds

Duplo should be part of every child’s toy collection and is ideal for younger children. The large blocks are easy for babies and toddlers who may not be old enough yet to play with LEGO. Building blocks help develop your little one's motor skills and build their imagination. You can play with your child or watch them as they play on their own, as the blocks are simple for their little hands to manoeuvre. Duplo has been around for several generations, with a whole variety of collections to choose from, depending on your child's interests. Do they prefer playing with figures, animals, houses, cars or trains? Kids can build a Duplo farm and have fun with the various people and animals; they can also create a Duplo train set, with modern trains and realistic sound effects. Is your child too old for Duplo? At Westfield, we have a whole range of construction toys for your little one to explore.

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