About Blocks & Construction Toys

Construction Toys to Help Your Kids Play and Learn

Playing is a great way for children to learn, with LEGO and other construction toys being an excellent way for them to develop their motor skills and imagination. Building blocks are a good way to help your little one learn how to make things and find out they work. Toys like LEGO provide an excellent alternative to outdoor fun and games if the weather turns bad. Is your little one too young for LEGO or other construction games? Get them a Duplo set, which is easy to use and specially tailored towards their small hands. All building block based toys come with simple instructions, but you can encourage your child to think outside the box and build whatever they put their mind to. Collect specially made parts so they can craft castles, cars, boats, planes and more. They can see what fits with what and have fun just joining things together. Help your children play with LEGO blocks and maybe join in too.

Discover the LEGO Range at Westfield

You can buy many great construction toys when you shop online, allowing you to compare the products and decide what you want to buy without needing to leave your home. You can also shop in person for construction toys at a Westfield centre near you. This gives you the opportunity to see the products and decide which ones are best before you checkout.