About Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets

While regions in Australia certainly get snow, the rest of the country suffers colder temperatures without enjoying any of the more fun parts of winter. Unless you want to head to the mountains, there is no skiing or snowboarding, no making of snow angels, and no creating snowmen with cute carrot noses. Although Australia may not have much of a winter compared to countries that regularly see metres of snow and temperatures hitting minus 20; when winter sets in here, the cold becomes more and more difficult to ignore.

So, how do you keep your house cosy? Making sure your house is well-insulated is essential in both summer and winter. That means having insulation in your roof and walls, and having quality windows and doors that keep drafts at bay. If you don’t have a fireplace or ducted heating, you could buy a portable heater, but try to buy a model that’s energy-efficient or you may get a nasty surprise when your energy bill arrives. Lastly, bedtime. When it’s cold outside, no one likes getting into a chilly bed. Time to buy an electric blanket! Electric blankets come in all shapes and sizes, with single, double, queen and king options. Some come with ties to keep them secure and stop them moving around the bed, while others offer a fitted sheet option that fits round the mattress. No more chilly sheets for you!

Choosing the Electric Blanket for you

Check out the range of electric blankets on offer at Westfield and keep your bed warm throughout winter! Finding the right electric blanket generally comes down to choosing the one that best fits your bed – but you may also want to look at the various features available too. Some features to be on the lookout for can include timers, body heat sensors and adjustable heat settings. Need new bedding as well? At Westfield, you can find everything from pillow and mattress protectors, to quilt and duvet covers, available in a range of styles to suit any bedroom. Looking for bedroom furniture? Westfield has that covered too!