About Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage

While bathrooms are generally not known for being great storage areas, there are still plenty of bathroom-related items you may want to store in there. From toiletries to toilet rolls, towels to bath toys, it makes sense to have somewhere to store all these items, instead of having them just lying around. When it comes to toiletries, bathrooms can be overflowing with them. Shampoos and conditioners, soaps and showers gels, hair styling and shaving products. And that’s not even mentioning beauty products such as anti-aging creams, moisturisers, cleansers and makeup. They all have to go somewhere!

For items that belong in the shower, there are various bathroom storage options available. There are shower caddies that hook over the shower head or taps, and ones that can be fixed to the tiles using suction cups. There are also shelves and soap dishes that can be permanently attached, or temporarily fixed using suction. For dry items, such as towels and candles, bathroom shelving is a popular option. Shelving can be made of almost any material to match any décor, and can be made to fit large or small spaces. Box units and cubbies can offer an alternative to open shelving, providing more privacy for items you perhaps don’t want visitors to see.

Making Bathroom Storage Easy

From toy boxes for the kids’ bath toys to gorgeous wooden shelving units, bathroom storage comes in all styles and sizes, designed to suit almost any bathroom storage need. If you’re looking for bathroom storage, visit Westfield to browse a huge range of home furnishings and décor to find a beautiful selection of storage options. Renovating the bathroom? Check out what’s on offer in bathroom furnishings. Perhaps you need to stock up on beauty, health and skin care essentials? Don’t worry, Westfield has it covered. While you’re there, why not pamper yourself? Indulge in a mani-pedi or a sweet treat at the food court, and congratulate yourself on all the hard work you’ve accomplished!