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Stay on Course with our Navigation Range

When you’re trying out a new route for the first time and have a deadline to meet, there’s nothing worse than getting misled by confusing directions. Make sure you never take a wrong turn again with our range of GPS units and navigation equipment. Thanks to our incredible range of car GPS units, you need never get lost again. Don’t just depend on an unreliable app to get you from A to B when you can invest in a new GPS unit. We stock car accessories and navigation essentials from the biggest brands around, giving you more confidence when you hit the road, however far off the beaten track you’re headed. Do you drive more than one vehicle? Why not splash out on a new portable GPS you can switch between cars, saving you the hassle of having to invest in more than one unit. Once you’ve found a new navigation system you’re happy with, make sure your purchase is well protected with our incredible range of GPS accessories. Need more extras and upgrades for your car to help make each and every journey that little bit easier? Browse our must-have range of electronics for more ideas.

Buy GPS Essentials Online

We stock an extensive range of GPS units to install in your car, helping you save time by picking out the quickest route and doing away with confusing directions you might get with unreliable apps. Order online via our retailers for express delivery, or visit us at your nearest Westfield Centre.