About Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs

Thinking about buying a plasma TV? Unfortunately, plasma TVs are no longer manufactured. However, you may still be able to pick up a great deal by choosing a plasma TV that was built before they halted manufacture. While plasma TVs offered some pretty impressive television viewing, TV manufacturers have now moved on to other types of TV technology, such as LCD and LED TVs, as well as OLED TVs. So, why would you choose a plasma TV other types of TV like the LED TV?

Plasma TVs offer excellent contrast, with beautifully deep blacks. They provide uniform illumination over the entire screen area, with the screen displaying effortless motion and great picture depth. When you compare plasma TVs with LED TVs, you may notice that the LED TV’s picture looks much flatter, and when viewed from the side, loses some of its colour and contrast. On the other hand, LED TVs can be thinner and lighter than plasma TVs, which are typically heavier and generate more heat. LED TVs – especially models with edge-lit backlights – are more energy-efficient than plasma TVs, and generally tend to be a bit brighter. Plasma TVs are also limited in screen size, ranging between 42” and 65”.

Buying Plasma TVs

Buying a plasma TV now is not as easy as it was before they went out of manufacture. But, you may still be able to pick up a good deal. If you’re looking to buy a new TV, check out Westfield’s online catalogue to browse TVs from a range of brands. From LCD TVs and LED TVs, to OLED TVs and UHD TVs, take a look at what’s on offer and start comparing features. Be sure to take into account picture quality and pixel density, compatibility, and other features such as curved screens and 3D capability. In the market for other electronics and appliances? Pick up your entire wish list at Westfield!