About LED TVs


LED TV or LCD TV? LED TV or OLED TV? HD or UHD? 3D or 4K? When it comes to buying a television, things are not as simple as they used to be. How do you know which model to buy? How do you know which features you really need? Well then, let’s see. LED (light emitting diode) TVs are often compared to LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs, but while they both use liquid crystal technology, LED TVs use a direct or edge-mounted LED backlight to create the picture you see on the screen. Both LCD TVs and LED TVs come in an array of sizes, from small screen versions perfect for the kitchen or bedroom, to huge screens that offer a near-cinematic experience.

What about OLED TVs? OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs use a completely different type of technology to LED and LCD TVs. As they don’t require a backlight, OLED TVs can be significantly thinner and lighter than TVs that use LCD displays. But, they can also have a much higher price tag too. Features to consider when buying a new television include screen size (you may also want to look at curved screens as a feature as well), resolution (no less than 1080p resolution is best), ‘Smart’ features, refresh rate (120 Hz or more), and the number of ports offered (at least four HDMI ports and if you’re shopping for 4K, make sure you have HDCP compatibility). Still confused? Trust your eyes when making comparisons, and choose the screen you think offers the best display quality.

Shopping for LED TVs at Westfield

When shopping for TVs, it’s often best to check out your options in person. Whether you’re looking for LED TVS, LCD TVs or plasma TVs, head to your nearest Westfield to compare all your options from all the big brands. Westfield is your go-to destination for electronics and appliances, with everything from digital cameras and games consoles, to smartphones and MP3 players. It’s never too early to start that Christmas list!