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Portable and Bluetooth Speakers

Music can be played through any number of portable devices nowadays, from smartphones and MP3 players, to tablets and laptops. But, while these devices are great for listening to music using headphones, they generally need some additional help in the external speaker department. While it’s certainly possible to listen to your smartphone or tablet using only the device’s own external audio, if you want a larger, fuller sound, you will need external speakers. And because your device is portable, it makes sense that your speakers are portable as well.

Portable speakers come in various forms, with the ability to connect to devices via cable and wirelessly. If you’re looking for a wireless option, Bluetooth speakers are incredibly popular. As long as the device is within range of the speakers, you can play or stream music through your device using the wizardry of Bluetooth. Both portable speakers and Bluetooth speakers come an array of colours, sizes and shapes, with options for everyone from little kids, to serious audiophiles who appreciate only the best in sound quality. If you’re looking for high quality sound from your speakers, it’s usually a good idea to avoid the cheapest options and stick with trusted brands. If ruggedness is important to you, make sure the speakers you choose are both tough and durable.

Shopping for Portable and Bluetooth Speakers

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