Mini Hi Fi Systems

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Mini Hi-Fi Systems

Looking for great-sounding audio? Mini hi-fi systems are both easy to setup and easy to use, offering high quality sound in a compact package. So, what’s included in a mini hi-fi system? Mini hi-fi systems can come in any number of forms offering any number of features, but most will include a CD player or CD changer, and a set of speakers ranging between 30 and 100 watts per channel. Some mini hi-fi systems may also feature a separate subwoofer to improve the system’s bass reproduction.

What can be played on a mini hi-fi system? Most mini hi-fi systems will include an AM/FM tuner, allowing you to tune in to analogue radio. Some may also include a digital DAB radio tuner, letting you listen to digital radio stations as well. If you listen to music on your smartphone or iPod, be sure to look for mini hi-fi systems that allow you to play music using these devices. Many mini hi-fi systems now feature an iPod dock or a USB port so you can play music that is either stored in a digital format or streamed through your device. Looking to go old school? If you hold a lot of your music collection on cassette or vinyl, check out hi-fi options that offer cassette decks and turntables. Looking for something smaller and more portable? You may want to look into micro hi-fi systems, a pocket radio, or even mini speakers to work directly with your phone or MP3 player.

Finding and Buying Mini Hi-Fi Systems

If you want to invest in a new sound system, there are various factors to consider. First up, useability. Choose a system that plays music in the format you want. Second, sound quality. Listen to a few different systems to find the one with the sound you like best. Lastly, think about size and portability, budget and brand. Check out Westfield’s online catalogue to browse mini hi-fi systems and other home audio essentials, and either buy online or pop in-store. From MP3 players to headphones, Westfield has a fantastic range of home audio equipment from the most trusted brands.