About Stationery & Accessories

Stationery and Accessories

While it’s not something we usually spend that much time thinking about, stationery has to be one of the many important necessities in everyday life. Whether we’re writing shopping lists or planning the week ahead, we use stationery both at home and at work pretty much every day. Generally it’s only when we run out of something like that, that we ever really notice it. Can’t find a pen? We need to buy more pens! Run out of sticky notes? We need to put sticky notes on the shopping list! Glue stick is dry? We need to get some more glue!

So, what counts as stationery? Stationery applies to all types of items, used in the home, at work, or at school. There are pens and pencils that allow us to write. There are markers and highlighters that allow us to colour and highlight. There are erasers and sharpeners that allow us to sharpen our pencils and erase mistakes. And of course, there are pencil cases to keep all those items safe in one place. Time to start planning? We have notebooks and journals, as well as diaries and planners. We also have calendars and whiteboards to allow us to mark important dates and remind us to do stuff. From sticky notes and glue, to mail and packaging, stationery is absolutely everywhere!

Shopping for Stationery and Accessories

Stocking up on stationery? Westfield is the best place to be! Home to an array of big brands and speciality stores, Westfield features a huge range of stationery items for home and office use. Browse for stationery using Westfield’s online catalogue and buy online to pick up all the stationery you need. Anything else on the shopping list? From books and toys, to electronics and beauty products, Westfield makes shopping online oh-so easy! Prefer shopping in person? Head on over to your nearest Westfield and pick up everything you need.