About Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Always great to have around the house, sticky notes can allow you to leave notes for others, and for yourself. Available in a vast rainbow of colours, sticky notes come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for everything from list-making to place-marking in books. When it comes to communication, sticky notes are perfect for both at home and at work. If you need to remind yourself to do something, you can write it on a sticky note so that you remember to do it later. Perhaps you want to tell your partner that you will be home late, or you would like them to take the bins out. A sticky note can help!

Sticky notes are also great for lists. You can use them to write everything from a shopping list, to a list of things you need to take with you on holiday. Simply stick the sticky note somewhere visible so you can tick everything off the list! Smaller sticky notes can also be used for studying or when working. Sometimes called page markers or flags, these thin sticky notes can be placed on certain pages that you want to come back to, or that need to be flagged for further revision.

Buying Sticky Notes

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