Markers & Highlighters

About Markers & Highlighters

Markers and Highlighters

Great for both arts and crafts projects and for studying, markers and highlighters are more of those pencil case essentials that everyone should have in the house. When it comes to markers, there are a few different types to choose from. One of the most popular type of marker is the coloured marker: a favourite of kids everywhere. Coloured markers can help kids with their school work when creating arts projects, or for younger kids who are learning about colours with their colouring books. And with this recent adult colouring book craze, coloured markers are just as popular with adults.

Permanent markers are another popular type of marker. As the name implies, permanent markers use permanent ink and are great for writing on items such as CDs and DVDs. Often similar in look to the permanent marker is the whiteboard marker. However, you really don’t want to get these two types of marker mixed up, or you may end up having to buy a replacement whiteboard! Whiteboard markers are designed to be used with a whiteboard, so that the writing they create can easily be rubbed away. Both permanent markers and whiteboard markers are available in a range of colours, but the most popular packs include black, blue, red and green. As for highlighters, these are awesome study tools. With neon coloured ink, highlighters can be used to highlight words and passages in text that the reader may want to come back to.

Shopping for Markers and Highlighters

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