About Glues, Adhesives, & Tape

Glues, Adhesives and Tapes

Whether you’re wrapping a gift or sticking an arts and crafts project together, there are plenty of glues, adhesives and tapes to get the job done right. Gift wrapping is easy, as long as you have the right sticky tape. You can choose from clear sticky tape, patterned sticky tape and double-sided sticky tape – but if you want to make life easier, be sure to invest in a tape dispenser as well. Perhaps you’re sending something through the post? You can ensure the item stays well-wrapped and secure with the correct packaging tape.

When it comes to arts and crafts, glues, adhesives and tapes are an everyday essential. Choose from a range of kid-friendly non-toxic glue, glitter glue, runny glue and glue sticks. Want something to stay stuck? Superglue should do the trick! Tapes and adhesives are just as essential around the house, especially if you’re into DIY. Painter’s tape and masking tape can help you mask off areas when you’re painting. Heavy duty tape can help when you’re packing up boxes to put into storage. Meanwhile, duct tape, gaffer tape, electrical tape and a whole host of adhesives can help with numerous DIY tasks around the house.

Buying Glues, Adhesives and Tapes

Whatever the job, whatever needs sticking, you can find all the glues, adhesives and tapes you need at Westfield. From arts and crafts to home DIY projects, browse Westfield’s online catalogue to find all the right adhesives. Featuring all the best-known brands, Westfield is home to both big name stores and speciality sellers, so you can always find what you need in the wide world of stationery. Pop in to your nearest Westfield to check off all the items on your stationery wish list, and then check out all that’s on offer in retail, dining and entertainment!