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Erasers and Sharpeners

When it comes time to restock your pencil case, there are some essentials that can never be overlooked. If you happen to have pencils in your pencil case, then you will also need an eraser and a sharpener. Erasers can be functional, or they can be cute, but they all should work well to erase pencil lines when needed. Looking for an artist’s eraser? These are high quality erasers that work to erase pencil lines without rubbing away the paper, or leaving any other marks. Kids’ erasers are generally more fun that functional, and can be coloured, scented or shaped to match other stationery items in the pencil case or set.

Sharpeners are equally important. While some artists prefer to sharpen their pencils with something like a Stanley knife, sharpeners can provide a safer way to keep pencils and coloured pencils sharp. Again, sharpeners can come an array of colours and styles, with options to match stationery sets, and others that sharpen a variety of pencil sizes. To cut down on mess, you may want to invest in a sharpener that catches pencil sharpenings in a convenient plastic container. Or if you want to cut down on space, check out eraser and sharpener duos.

Shopping for Erasers and Sharpeners

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