About Calendars


Do you have trouble staying organised? If you don’t know where you should be and when, or if you have trouble keeping track of what you need to do, then a calendar could be the perfect tool. Whether at home or at work, our busy lives means we are often running around, trying to get everything done and not finding enough hours in the day. While diaries and planners can help some people, calendars can offer an alternative way to stay on track and on schedule.

Using a calendar at work, you can schedule appointments, meetings and anything else that needs to be done in a day. This makes it easy to check when you are free, and when you can fit in certain tasks to make the most of your time. A calendar can be just as important at home. Whether you need to organise yourself or your entire family, a calendar lets you know in advance what everyone is doing and when. From ballet concerts and soccer tournaments, to parents’ days and catch-ups, it’s all there in black and white so you can avoid double bookings, while keeping everyone on schedule.

Choosing Calendars at Westfield

Calendars can be the perfect addition to any household. Whether you’re buying one for yourself, or as a gift, there are loads of calendars to choose from at Westfield. From photos of cute kittens, to sleek muscle cars, to hunky fireman, calendars feature something for everyone. Check out what’s on offer using Westfield’s online catalogue and shop online for easy home delivery. Want to check out your options in person? Pop in to your nearest Westfield to pick up calendars, diaries and planners, and all your other stationery needs. Looking for the perfect gift? If a calendar just won’t do, take a look at Westfield’s cards and gifts, or branch out to search for men’s watches, women’s jewellery, and perfume and cologne.