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Non-fiction Books

Love non-fiction books? While some people love getting lost in fiction, others just don’t see the point in it. For them, reading is all about learning. It’s about finding out something new that they didn’t know before. That’s what non-fiction books are all about. Covering a vast array of topics, non-fiction books come in all forms and styles, in all shapes and sizes. From self-help books to books on spirituality and religion, there really is a non-fiction book for every brain.

If you have an interest in something, chances are, there is more than one book written about it. Are you a history buff? History books come in the hundreds of thousands, covering almost every aspect of history imaginable. They look at history through a wide angle lens and in extreme close-up, telling us all about the world’s big events as well as everyday life for the man on the street. What about science and technology? There are books galore on the subject of science and technology, looking at where we are heading in the future and what types of technology will get us there. Perhaps you have a more artsy brain? Lucky for you, there are heaps of books dedicated to art, fashion and design, discussing everything from the architecture of Antoni Gaudi to the rising hemlines of the twentieth century.

Shopping for Non-fiction Books

No matter what topic you love, you are sure to find non-fiction books to pique your interest. From sporting books to social science books, parenting books to biographies, check out Westfield’s online catalogue to find the perfect non-fiction book for you. Westfield makes it easy to buy books online – or if you prefer browsing book shelves in person, pop in-store and start perusing. While you’re there, why not check out what else Westfield has to offer? Need some new clothes? Check out men’s, women’s and kids’ wear. Fancy buying something for the house? Check out what’s on offer in home décor. With so much under one roof, you can pick up everything you need in one trip!