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Providing an in-depth look at why we are the way we are, why we act the way we do, and how it all affects our surroundings – we have social science. Social science is the study of human society and social relationships, giving us invaluable information on how groups of people behave – often with the purpose of working out how they may behave in the future. Ever wanted to know what makes people happy? Social science may have the answer. Like to find out more about the effect of emerging technologies? Check out what social science has to say. Ever wondered why certain people worry so much? Social science could tell you.

For anyone who is curious about human society and how various factors may affect us, there is a vast array of social science books ready with potential answers and theories. Humanities books and social science books come in all shapes and sizes, with authors researching and presenting arguments on all manner of subjects. What makes us tick? Why do some cultures advance quicker than others? Why do we want to connect with others? If a subject interests you, you can use social science to find out more.

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